Here is a comprehensive list of all the projects I have worked on and their dates and times.

If the project is very large, I will link you to the homepage and you can be directed to other pages from there.

Loe&Behold: February 2016-Ongoing

Website compiling spoken-word and performance poetry events in the South West area.


My contributions as Editor:

  • Write articles, reviews, interviews and event promotion for the website
  • Moderate and review poetry.
  • Creating content based on the community of poetry
  • Publishing my own poetry
  • Highlighting other people’s poetry

Shelf Magazine: January 2016- Ongoing

Independent Magazine group project for Publishing Module.

Website, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook 

My responsibilities as Editor:

  • Developing organisational methods between team members
  • Write articles catered towards a target audience
  • Organise meetings with team members
  • Manage social media sites
  • Created style guide for Shelf

The Clairvoyant Chronicles: November 2015-Ongoing

Individual project for Publishing module Audience and the Fiction Market

WordPress, Twitter

The whole project has two WordPress accounts, two Instagram accounts, five Twitter accounts six Tumblr accounts and a playbuzz account that has two quizzes.

My responsibilities:

  • Setting up marketing plan
  • Setting up social media
  • Managing social media daily
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Creating quizzes to reach a larger audience
  • Developing taglines and hashtags for marketing material
  • Contacting people about project to gain a larger audience
  • Developing backstories
  • Commissioning images from a group of people

Don’t Bleed Us Dry: May 2015

Group project for Publishing module Create Lab

Twitter, Facebook

My contributions:

  • Set up social media
  • Kept social media up to date for the duration of the project and afterwards
  • Collaborated within a group
  • Created a hashtag campaign on Twitter
  • Involved target audience in campaigns

Dossier of Errors: January 2015-May 2015

Individual project for Publishing module Copywriting and Text Editing


My responsibilities:

  • Find errors in published text, print and online
  • Decide format for posts
  • Collate at least ten mistakes

Project Carraway: November 2014–March 2015

Group project for Creative Writing module Writer’s Workshop 1

Homepage, Twitter, Facebook

My contributions:

  • Idea development
  • Logo research and design
  • Adapting classic novel to modern tale (Great Gatsby to Project Carraway)
  • Writing two out of five scripts
  • Acting in video blogs
  • Filming video blogs
  • Editing videos
  • Setting up social media sites
  • Promoting the project on social media
  • Adapting novel to short story (Little Women to Young Ladies)
  • Collaborated within a group

Student Company Beep: November 2012-June 2013

Group project for Business class at High School


My contributions:

  • Devise marketing strategy
  • Update social media with event dates
  • Creating product prototype
  • Developing product further
  • Overseeing product production
  • Attending fairs
  • Selling the product
  • Designing the logo and various marketing materials.