February 2016-May 2016 Website compiling spoken-word and performance poetry events in the South West area. Website My contributions as Editor: Write articles, reviews, interviews and event promotion for the website Moderate and review poetry. Creating content based on the community of poetry Publishing my own poetry Highlighting other people's poetry

Shelf Magazine

January 2016- May 2016 Independent Magazine group project for Publishing Module. Website, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook  My responsibilities as Editor: Developing organisational methods between team members Writing articles catered towards a target audience Organise meetings with team members Manage social media sites Created style guide for Shelf magazine to use across various platforms

The Clairvoyant Chronicles

November 2015-Ongoing Individual project for Publishing module Audience and the Fiction Market WordPress, Twitter The whole project has two WordPress accounts, two Instagram accounts, five Twitter accounts six Tumblr accounts and a playbuzz account that has two quizzes. My responsibilities: Setting up marketing plan Setting up social media Managing social media daily Engaging with the audience [...]

Project Carraway

November 2014–March 2015 Group project for Creative Writing module Writer's Workshop 1 Homepage, Twitter, Facebook My contributions: Idea development Logo research and design Adapting classic novel to modern tale (Great Gatsby to Project Carraway) Writing two out of five scripts Acting in video blogs Filming video blogs Editing videos Setting up social media sites Promoting the project on social [...]

Student Company Beep

November 2012-June 2013 Group project for Business class at High School Twitter My contributions: Devise marketing strategy Update social media with event dates Creating product prototype Developing product further Overseeing product production Attending fairs Selling the product Designing the logo and various marketing materials.

I’m performing in Edinburgh Fringe!

I am completely serious. I am performing my poetry at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and headlining a night at Raise The Bar with Connor Macleod! I am very fortunate to have gotten a headlining slot, really excited to perform, but also freaking out about whether I need to write new poetry and how good it [...]