I’ve been really slammed lately. As in, I’ve been performing in a lot of new slams both in Bristol and up in Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival! I’m very excited, even after I’ve gotten back from it.

I took part in the Milk Poetry Slam at the Halo in Bristol and I managed to get those performances filmed. For the first round, I did Zeroes, one of my favourites from the past year.

With Zeroes, I got through to the second round, which was a honour on its own. It was a brutal round against Liam Mac An Phearsúin and I came second.

I particularly enjoyed doing the Milk slam because it was organised completely differently to the Hammer and Tongue slams I’m used to. Instead of a points system and judging each poet immediately after their performance, each poet is assigned a colour and the audience raise colourful pieces of card to vote for their favourite after three poets have performed. There were two rounds of this and a final round with each of the winners of the first two rounds competing head to head.

I am grateful to have even gotten that far. The Milk slam was a fantastic experience, I cannot gush enough about it. I am definitely going back for a second attempt at the title next month.

After that, I flew up to Edinburgh to see Fringe shows and to perform as well. I’ll make a whole separate post for my featured poet slot with Raise The Bar. However, I also took part in the Hammer and Tongue slam that had a daily slam in The Banshee Labyrinth, organised by Neil Spokes and Tina Sederholm. There Zeroes had another chance to try its luck.  I wasn’t the winner but I enjoyed performing in a familiar but different slam than those I’m used to.

The other slam I participated in was the Genesis Slam organised by th excellent Sara Hirsch. Genesis slam was organised just like Hammer and Tongue, but with a completely new feel. Each poet was reminded that it’s the poem that matters, instead of the points, which is important in occasions when it’s very easy to get hung up on a score.

At Genesis, I gave Starry Eyed a go, considering I haven’t performed it in a while, and it went really well. I got to branch out and perform poetry I had forgotten about and met a lovely group of poetry supporters and fellow poets. However, I believe the highlight of Genesis was seeing James Mcquade win with an incredible piece about supporting friends who move away. I’m thrilled for him to go to Royal Albert Hall and try his chances at the Hammer and Tongue Finals.

Overall the past week has been incredible and enlightening in terms of performing at poetry slams and it’s something I’m very much going to continue to try my hand at. I’m even working on new poems to try out next month!


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