Review of Third Year Poets’ Reading at the Bath Brew House

After a year-long effort from the part of Bath Spa University Third Year students, the products of the Poetry as Synthesis Module culminated in a poetry reading in the Bath Brew House. The night was organised by Bath Spa’s poetry lecturers Carrie Etter and Neil Rollinson. The night was full of excited students ready to start their careers after university with self-published pamphlets they designed themselves.

Harriet Parker reading from her pamphlet Counting Bruises

The first poet up was Harriet Parker with a pamphlet titled Counting Bruises. A dark and emotional collection about sexuality, relationships and family. As she was opening the event, Parker got the crowd on her side and was confident in her reading. She closed off her set with a poem about all the things she doesn’t talk to her mother about.


Poppy Henderson was up next. She had a soft manner of speaking as she read out her poetry. Her calm and quiet voice allowed her poetry to speak for itself, with lovely images and a pleasant tone to them.

Eddie Wilkins started his set on a funny note, joking around with the audience. He spoke calmly and enunciated, amusing the audience. His poetry was very reflective and he had an easy performance style, looking very comfortable on the stage.

Emma Hedron had a collection about love and the celebration of life. With delicately crafted poems celebrating life, she entranced the audience. She also read nostalgic and sentimental poetry at the end of her slot.

Maryann Louise aka ‘Mazz’ Nixon’s poetry was heartfelt. Her stage presence was confident, and she spoke with an assured tone of voice. Her poems were beautifully crafted and meaningful that they moved the audience.

Some of the student pamphlets

Chloe Whitmore was the first act after the interval, and she approached her slot with an excited energy. Her collection was the exuberance of youth, with poetry about real life situations and experiences.

Matthew Mason’s poetry was very extravagant, with eccentric scenarios and a very distinct and compelling narrator. For the reading, Mason had taken on the personality of the main character in his pamphlet and dressed up as Quinn.

Hannah White had a curiously even and stoic attitude to her poetry. The rhythm of her poetry was even and flowed well. Her assured performance and thoughtful poems such as ‘Black Dress At Back Of Wardrobe’ surprised the audience with a twist at the end.

Martha Gleeson had a very gentle manner of presenting her poetry. She was dubbed the ‘master of short sentences’ by the compere of the night, Neil Rollinson. With warmth and flair, she entranced the audience with her collection ‘It’s All in Your Head’. Her poem ‘Folie à Deux’ provided a new perspective on suicide.

Aaron Lembo finished off the night with his charismatic personality. His poetry about existentialism, free love, sex and drugs was very descriptive and full of narrative. His poems had many odd scenarios within them and sometimes they even verged on erotic.

IMG_1891As so many up-and-coming Bath Spa poets made their writing debut with their first pamphlets, it was an incredible night. With writers buzzing from the adrenaline of their first public reading of their poetry, or alcohol, the night was a great success. Many thanks go to the module coordinator Carrie Etter and seminar leader Neil Rollinson for organising an exciting night.

Link to Facebook event page here.


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