NaPoWriMo Week 4

Okay nope. This week has been a bit of a wreck.

IMG_1077I have been really stressed about keeping on top of all of my deadlines, namely the 1,000 word essay, 8 poems, 3 articles, various editing AND NaPoWriMo. Something had to give. Unfortunately it ended up being the challenge that I dropped temporarily.

While I didn’t manage to write every day, the last couple days I wrote twice as much to catch up. I didn’t quite manage it, but I came out with some really good pieces, such as one I wrote about Harry Potter.

It’s sweet and short, just like him. I may have gotten inspiration for it from a Tumblr post, but I think I gave it an ‘Eliza’ spin.

As one of my assessments on Odes, I had to practice writing a couple, so those technically counted for two days. One was about everything that had gotten me this far in life, the other was about wasting my life on Tumblr.

(Are you sensing a theme yet?)

With only a couple more days to go, I’m hoping to finish it off with a decent number of usable poems.


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