NaPoWriMo Week 1

The first week has been really really great!  I’ve had a lot of ideas to write poetry every day and they have rolled over to the following days, leaving me with a kind of safety jar of poetry prompts to dip into. 

IMG_1042After the Rhyme and Reason poetry gig, for which I wrote ten poems in a day, I got used to writing in a notebook. I may or may not have done this because it felt more stereotypical of a ‘proper’ writer. And it’s also easier to whip out a notebook and a pen than a whole laptop.

One of these poems might even make it into my portfolio for poetry! I need to write more things because I just submitted eight poems that I’ve been working on for months for one module and that means I can’t submit them for another module.

I think, at this rate, I might finish this notebook by 2017. It’s a good thing I have about three drawers full of empty notebooks just waiting for me. Than and an addiction to stationery stores.

I should stop procrastinating and get back to writing poetry.


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