Poetry consumes my life now

I’d hoped to get a poetry post out before I did my headline gig at Rhyme and Reason, but I didn’t have the time between writing and rehearsing.

Also, I should mention that I am really grateful for the opportunity the organisers of Rhyme and Reason for giving me the opportunity to headline the gig I started out at. Lots of love aimed at Nick Compton, Billie Stubley and Sam Boarer!

The performance was filmed, so do check it out!

There were a lot of fantastic acts that night, especially newcomers who blew me away with their talent. You can see all the other performances from March 30 at The Bath Brew House here! All thanks to Kate Jeanes, who recorded the night.

The performances will also be going up on Loe&Behold.

Anyway, I spent the past week preparing for the gig by writing almost 5K worth of poetry. it was poetry central in my house. And then in other people’s houses, when I went over to workshop it. I have been going poetry-mad, in the best sense of course.

But, I still haven’t gotten sick of poetry (who would?) and I decided to participate in NaPoWriMo this year! I tried last year but with too many deadlines that had to come first. This year, however, I am doing three whole modules on poetry and that’s inspiration plenty to spend the 30 days of April writing a poem a day.I hope to write some more performance material and enough to fill my portfolios with the very best!

For anyone who’s interested, I keep my twitter updated a little more frequently than this blog about gigs I perform at, poetry events I’m attending, and other writerly stuff about my life. Feel free to follow me on twitter @ElizaBurmistre

I’m adding a calendar of all the poetry events going on in the area and it will be constantly updated. If you have any more events in the area that I could attend, please do send them my way!

Til next time


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