Eliza and the Bear at Moles

Moles, the legendary music venue, opened its doors to Eliza and the Bear on the 20th of February after it burned down last year. It has seen many incredible bands and club nights since its grand re-opening. The venue was full of eager fans waiting to see the band after the warm-up acts finished their sets.

IMG_9992 (2)Eliza and the Bear, an indie rock band from London with no bears and no Eliza. They have been making music for 3 years now but their first album only came out this year on April 6. In their first year of performing, they were featured in the Guardian as the New Band of the week for their promise to be good at festivals instead of reinventing the genre.
The gig was intimate and full of students excited to hear the band. The band had rescheduled the concert for three weeks after the lead singer lost his voice, which made the anticipation more palpable. They were friendly and charming from the moment they stepped on stage. James Kellegher, the lead vocalist, talked to the audience and to the band as if they were friends instead of complete strangers, which made the concert more enjoyable.

IMG_9977 (1)They started off playing their classic singles they had released over the years, which the audience knew the lyrics to and sang along as a chorus. Partway through, they played songs off their newest album, which had the same indie tone that reminded me of the Lumineers and Arcade Fire.

The band ended their set with more well-known songs, like It Gets Cold, where the audience was singing along again. It was a good song to end on, as everyone knew the words and they ended the night on a high note.

Check out their music on Soundcloud!


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