Rhyme and Reason Poetry Pub Crawl

Originally published by The Bath Magazine on 24/02/2016. Read it here

As part of the Independent Bath Literature Festival, Bath Spa’s students and graduates have organised a poetry pub crawl. The attendees will wander from pub to pub in Bath performing poetry to the general populous, with an optional theme of 21st birthdays or Rugby, to cater to the appropriate audience. Anyone is able to join in the performance and the pub crawl, exploring some of Bath’s pubs that have enough space for poetry.

You will have the chance to meet professional, published poets who want their work to be more accessible, student poets who are still starting out and want to test new material, or someone who’s never had the courage to do poetry in an encouraging or supportive atmosphere and so they have the chance to do that now. It’s a great experience for everyone who comes along, and especially the people who will be at the pubs unaware of the plans for the evening.

While it is organised by students, it is open for people attending the Bath Literature Festival and anyone who happens to be in the Bath area at the time. It is a great eye-opener to everyone who isn’t exposed to poetry every day and a fantastic opportunity to get involved sporadically.

Poets, such as Nick Compton (who specialises in poetry on the Poetry MA at Bath Spa University) and Billie Stubley who organise Rhyme and Reason open mic poetry night at Bath Spa University Students’ Union and Bath Brew House, will be performing at the Pub crawl.

Some notable poets who will be attending will be darling of Bristol and Bath, Connor Macleod, Sanket Shrestha, performance poet from Bristol, Tim Ledwitch and plenty of other amazing poets you can see at this and other Rhyme and Reason organised events.

Come to the Raven pub at 6pm on Friday 26 February for a pint and poetry and see where the night takes you from there!

For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page here.


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