Rhyme and Reason at the Bath Brew House

Originally published by The Bath Magazine on 24/02/2016. Read it here

The monthly poetry night is back at the Bath Brew House on Wednesday 24 February for another open mic night with headliner Jess Green.

The student open-mic poetry night organised by Bath Spa University graduates and students is open to all interested in poetry. The event started out as a night for students that occurred four times a year at Bath Spa University. After two years of running the event, it’s expanded to an open mic night on the first Tuesday of the month in the Bath Spa Student’s Union, and the last Wednesday of the month in the Brew House in Bath centre.

Rhyme and Reason, colloquially known as RaR, Is a great venue for students, particularly Creative Writing students, to showcase their talents at performance poetry, page poetry and prose poetry. It is encouraged by the university itself for the students to express themselves and get their work out there. A local, regular event like this is extremely great as a place to start out with your poetry, because the environment is supportive and the people are really kind to your work.

At these events there are poets from Bath Spa, the University of Bath, as well as headliners who sometimes come from far away to perform at the event. That’s not to say that local poets from the Bath and Bristol area aren’t allowed in – quite the opposite! Everyone with interest or curiosity about poetry is actively encouraged to have a pint and listen to original and creative new pieces by some of Bath Spa’s best student poets, and the guest headliner.

The headliner for this event will be Jess Green, a published poet with a book called Burning Books, published by Burning Eye Books. She has incorporated the poems of her collection into a show, which has toured all over the UK. Green describes it as a ‘lyrical, powerful and humorous spoken word and live music show set in an inner city secondary.’ She also organises open mic nights in Leicester, which happens once a month.

So if you want to spend a wonderful evening in the presence of some great up-and-coming poets, come down to the Bath Brew House on 24 February. The door to the event will open at 7pm, for the night to start at 7:30pm. The entry fee is £3 on the door for a fantastic night of poetry.

We hope to see you there!

Visit the event’s Facebook page here.


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