Let me present you with a gift…

As this is my first post, I decided to start it off on a punny note. I’m not sorry.

I am a Creative Writing and Publishing student passionate about writing, puns and languages. I am currently studying at Bath Spa University and I’m in my second year.

I’m a third culture kid, having lived in four countries up until now. I also speak five languages. This helps with small talk and doesn’t look half bad on CVs.

I’ve been writing since I was eight, both short stories, self-illustrated short stories might I add, and poetry. The earlier stuff is amusing to look at, but I’m focusing more on getting short stories publishing and performing my poetry and open-mic nights in the Bath and Bristol area, as well as participating in slams.

IMG_0572I am one of those stereotypically solitary writers, who feels most productive with a warm drink, surrounded by strangers speaking in dulcet tones in an over-priced cafe. I guess I feel more productive when I choose to be somewhere and I get to treat myself with a lovely hot chocolate at the same time. In my opinion, Society Cafe in Bath do a fantastic Vanilla White Hot Chocolate.

This works out well, because I do have a fair amount of coursework to do. Creative Writing is mainly a portfolio of my writing, so that gets written when my ~*~muse~*~ strikes (i.e. when deadlines are due). That’s how I’ve written several short stories and poems that I’ve performed internationally.

But Publishing is much more intense and fascinating. I get to write articles for magazines, manage social media accounts and focus on writing marketing material for books, as I did for one of my modules with The Clairvoyant Chronicles. I had to market a book in any way I wanted, as long as it had at least a single blog. So I made six Tumblr accounts, five Twitters, two Instagrams and two WordPress sites. You can check them all out from the link I posted just above.

I enjoyed that project so much, I decided to make this blog. I feel like there are issues and topics I know enough about to provide my own opinion on, and to do so online.

I’ll keep you posted on my life, so just follow the blog and the updates will come to you!




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